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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sew What?

So about 10 months ago I decided I'd learn how to sew.  I've had a machine for over 10 years and have sewn a few straight lines here and there, but I've never felt anywhere close to accomplished in the art.  My first project was quite lofty...  costume dresses for my girls for our church's Ha-ha-le-lujah Festival!  For years my kids called it the Ha-ha-le-LEWIS Festival.  After all, people love us here.  

 I think the costumes turned out amazingly well!!  Take a look! You can tell they are dresses-- a huge accomplishment for someone with zero sewing knowledge.  

If I look proud, it's because I WAS!!!  Michal was Elizabeth Bennet, Liliana was Jane Bennet, and Zeb a musketeer.  He wouldn't be caught dead as William Darcy, so there was no use in trying.  (In the rare case you have not read Pride and Prejudice, read it now...  like RIGHT now.  It is the best work of fiction EVER... and it's free on Kindle.)

Since the costumes, I've made several pillow case dresses and other easy little digs.  Truly a lot of fun... and my kids LOVE it when I sew for them.  I've even made Zeb a few boxer shorts... and he wears them!!  (Couldn't get him to model for a picture, though.  Stubborn kid!).

This is a dress I whipped up for Liliana for my cousin's rehearsal dinner.  Lil wore it beautifully, but I was a nervous wreck the whole time.   It wasn't that I thought it would fall apart or that she may stain it beyond repair... although I was thankful neither happened.  Truth is, she forgot her panties and was commando for the evening.  A hard way to be for an active-not-quite-five-year-old. 

This is Michal's dress for the same wedding.  She's pretty reliable in the panty department so no worries there.  She looked AMAZING in this dress!  I would give anything to have her beautiful skin.  She could have danced the night away, but Henry fell in the lake and we had to go home.  Darn those lakeside receptions!  

This was my first "let's start sewing and see where we end up" project.  And I do love those!  Michal's been pining away for something strapless and now she's happy.  The pants were a pair of Gap jeans I tortured a few years ago when I decided to learn to hem.   I chopped those buggers off and added a ruffle.  I still can't hem worth a flip, but I can sew a mean ruffle when needed.  

Strapless dresses must be all the rage among the under 10 crowd because my cousin's little girl had been begging for one, too.  She's a big Seminole fan, so the fabric was perfect.  Her mom tells me this is her outfit of choice-- clean or dirty.  Now if that doesn't make me smile, I'm not sure what will!

Ok so my newest, most FAVORITE thing to sew are these little t-shirt dresses!!  This was an Old Navy tee I bought several years ago...  Now, it's one of Liliana's new school dresses.  I've bought a few tees for this express purpose... to rip up and re-fashion.  Can't beat a $7 one-of-a-kind-dress, huh?

So I am in L-O-V-E with this one!!  It was a "sew as I go" project, too.  The elastic at the waist made it work.  The main body is a shirt I bought at a thrift store.  The skirt is leftover fabric from the Bennet dress (pictured above) and the red-dot fabric was given to me.  I have no clue what you call it, but the little red dots are raised and velvety.  The boots are just perfect, but they "sweat her feet" so I'm not sure if she'll rock this look for school or not.  

Most of these pics are on my Facebook page as well as here.  I was in the mood to blog and didn't feel like searching for a lot of pictures.  Plus, I had to put something on here that came out of my sewing room (which I've changed a bit since the post).  I have several projects swimming around in my head and I'm looking forward to school starting so I can lock myself in my sewing room a few times a week.

In the spirit of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice,  I would in no way presume to be "accomplished" in the area of sewing.  I am, however, having a great time creating things for my kids. And there is truly an immense amount of "pride" when I hear one of my daughter's say, "Thank you, my mama made it."  

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  1. I love all the things you are sewing and am sure that in a few years, Liliana is going to love that you shared the commando story with the whole world.

    Keep up the good work. I love seeing the pictures.