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Sunday, May 15, 2011

facial SCARS and hair CUTS

Earlier this year my dermatologist discovered yet another skin cancer on my forehead.  And one on my backside.  Yep.  He covers all the bases at my annual skin check.  As far as skin cancer goes, I tend to get the very best kind: basal cell.  It won't kill you for a very long time, but doctors don't take chances. They cut and carve to their hearts content.  

Having light red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, I'm pretty much a poster child for sunscreen, umbrellas, and hats.  My father has had several skin cancers removed and has urged me for years to start going for a yearly skin check.  So a few years ago, I took the plunge.  

Going to the dermatologist is just plain awful!  I'll take the gynecologist any day-- there's way more dignity in that.  At a skin check, you strip down to your delicates and stand in the middle of 4 to 8 people.  The doctor shines a super bright light on you and proceeds to look at every inch of your body.  Since I'm WAY more confident with my clothes on than I am with them off, I tend to get nervous during this part of the appointment.  My nerves, coupled with the super bright light, make me sweat.  And while I sweat, the doctor has his face about 6 inches from my skin.  At this moment I pray the deodorant does its job.  The only thing that would increase the humiliation would be if I forgot to wear underwear that day.  

So if you've never had a skin check, call and make your appointment today.  Seriously.  Call today! It's awful-- absolutely awful-- but it could save your life.  And wear a hat.  And sunscreen.  And whatever you do, stay out of tanning beds.  They look like coffins for a reason.  

I'll share some pictures to make this post a bit more interesting.  There is a really gross one so if blood makes you woozy, don't scroll down much farther.  Seriously.  

Here’s a shot of my pre-latest-cancer hairstyle.  The swoop bangs cover the scar from last year’s surgery.  I really liked this style.  The swoop is really hot right now.  

Here's a lovely picture of the hole they cut in my head nearly two weeks ago, making me not so much a fan of above hairstyle.  

Here’s my forehead.  I now joke that I have Frankenstein eyebrows way high up on my forehead.  I'll go big so you can get the full effect.  

And here’s a picture of my newest hairstyle.  It conveniently covers the scars on both sides of my forehead.  I told my stylist I wanted a built in visor.

So that’s what’s been happening ‘round here the last week or so.  That and gymnastics and baseball and piano and swimming lessons and church and school and laundry and speaking engagements and… 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. this made me very very sad but you are beautiful Karo with your swoops and bangs and your lovely heart! <3

  2. So sorry, One of my best friends has melanoma and it has really made me cautious (why I'm so white) ;) I talked to a dermatologist last Friday, because I have a lot of moles,and they are more likely to turn into skin cancer.. My Gma had a lot of hers removed, and I probably will too once get a little older.. And I know the whole red hair, blue eyes, fair skin thing.. I took Ansley to beach, and springs a couple times this summer and would lather her with sunscreen like very hour ;) She didn't care for that ;)