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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fairy, Fairy, Quite Contrary!

Now you see it...

Now you don't!

Yes, Liliana has finally lost a tooth.  I was beginning to think a life of crime was in her future.  Last year, she "borrowed" one of her sister's lost teeth and put it under her pillow.  However, the Tooth Fairy was not fooled.  

Although you would think the Tooth Fairy would be quite angry with this attempt at trickery, she was not.  To all of our surprise, Liliana bounded down the stairs with a very sweet note and a vial of Fairy Dust!  Liliana was SOOOO excited.  Like more excited than I've ever seen her.  I thought it was because of the personal note she received from the Tooth Fairy.  Nope! She was excited about flying to school.  What else would a Kindergartner use Fairy Dust for?

(Thankfully, we had removed the hardware on the upstairs windows and no harm was done.)

So a few days ago, sweet Liliana placed her own tooth in a baggie and on her bed and went to sleep.  And then... bright and early, like 6ish bright and early, Liliana follows a trail of fairy dust through her room, down the stairs, around the corner, down the hallway, into the foyer, out the door, down the steps and into the yard.  

She cheered at the dust, the $3, and another note from her Tooth Fairy. There was excitement in the house.

Then she proceeded to sweep that Fairy Dust up like it was gold!

Michal told her that if she sprinkled the dust on her head and made a wish it would come true.  And she did.  Over and over.  So later that day my silver scalped little angel was in the back seat chatting away...

Liliana:  I think the Moms and Dads are the Tooth Fairies.  That's what I think.

Michal:  You better believe, Liliana, or your wish might not come true.

Liliana:  Mom, what do you think?

Me:  I think you should listen to Honey.  (that's Michal)

Liliana:  Hmmmm...  Hey, Mom!  What if I were to ask God.  What would GOD say?  If I asked GOD if the Tooth Fairy was real, what would HE say?

Me:  Hmmmm...  Welllllll... Ummmmm... I think God would say that there is nothing more real than... HIM!  Yes!  God would say that nothing's more real than GOD.  

Liliana:  I'm smahhht.  I think all the mothuhs are twicking all the kids with this Tooth Faiwy stuff. Yup, that's what I think.  It's all a twick. And that's lying.  I'm smahhht.  

And we all laughed- even Liliana.   

I'm not sure how much or what she believes, but I do know this: 
she's not letting go of that Fairy Dust.  Or that note.  

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