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Friday, December 14, 2012

Let's Chat! And Catch a Movie.

You:  Hi, Karolyn! you doin' good?

Me:  Sure am!  

You:  I'm in the mood to watch a really good Christmas flick.  Any recommendations?

Me: Oh, do I have a flick for you! 

You: How I wish I could watch it right now!

Me:  Oh, you can! 

You:  I can?

Me:  You can!!  

So pop the corn and dim the lights.  
This is gonna be good.  

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why, oh why, Wynona?!

Want to make the holidays slow down a bit?  Want to make Christmas not be here before you know it?

Join the others who have opened their homes to an elf this holiday season.  December will last FOREVER.  Trust me.

Yes, I'm talking Elf on the Shelf.  And if you've never heard of E on the S, then you've been either a) asleep for the last few months or b) absolutely undefiled by social networking sites such as Facebook or Pinterest.  Either way, I'm a little envious.  I love to sleep- it's my personal choice of exercise; and Facebook and Pinterest are bad habits I can't seem to shake.  

We didn't sign up for the traditional E on the S, but somehow we ended up with this sweet, little, pixie-headed girl named Wynona.  

Or Wyoming. Or Pneumonia. Or WyNena.
Or That Woman, as Henry affectionately called her the first few days.  We're finally all calling her by the correct name- with the exception of Liliana.  Liliana is stickin' with WyNena.  And there's no changing that, my friends.  

At night, Wynona/nena magically wakes up and has a little fun around the house.   She pretty much freezes in whatever mischief she's up to as soon as the first kid comes bounding down the stairs; and she stays that way all day long until we all go to sleep.  

Want to see what Wynona has been up to these last few days?  Well, of course you do!

On December 1st, she played a game of hide and seek with the kiddos.  We finally found her swinging from the chandelier.  

Then she left us a message on the kitchen mirror.  

She wrote the names of the Fab 4 using our Banana Grams (which is a fabulous game, by the way!) 

Then... she finished off the rest off the h@!!0w&&n candy.  Ugh... we were really upset about that.  Blasted Wynona.

Can you find little Wynona in this shot?  She's in there. 

Never did I ever consider showing the world our delicates, but that crazy W replaced our socks with our underwear!  (I've joined Henry in calling our stockings socks.  It does seem more appropriate.)  


Half the family pulled their dainties-for-the-day from the mantle.  Henry was especially happy to do this.  
Aren't those the cutest boxers?  Thank you very much!


I guess she needed a good soak.  Who doesn't from time to time?

I only wish people would just use the clothes hamper!!!

That Wynona fixed herself to some pancakes!  Am I the only one around here that knows how to clean up after myself? And where are her pajamas?  I know she was wearing something under that robe.  The kids checked the dirty clothes, with no luck.  Wonder if they checked the dryer...?

The kids are loving Wynona/nena and Liliana is hoping she'll come back next Christmas and the next and the next.  I'm not sure she'll be back next Christmas, but I'm fairly certain she'll be back tonight.  

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!!
May the Peace of Jesus bless you this Holiday Season.