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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Whale of a Sale!!!

Forgive me if I tend to write about things I love, but sometimes I just can't help it!!  Through this blog, I hope that you've learned 3 very important things about me...

1.  I love Jesus.  Seriously, I do; and I hope that my love for Him shines bright in my actions and attitude.
2.  I love my family.  They are my greatest gift.  My treasures here on Planet Earth.
3.  I love a good deal.

Today I went to a terrific estate sale.  It was a Whale of a Sale!  I've only been to one other sale in my life that even came close.  The original owner was a master seamstress and crafts-woman, and she was better stocked than Hobby Lobby!  I walked away with a load of treasures. 

Oh, you'd like to see for yourself?  I thought you'd never ask.

I grabbed 1 box of trim and feathers!!  FEATHERS!!  How fun...

Another box of bias tape, piping, and bindings...

This is one of my favorite purchases.  I think I'll use the snot out of it...  There's a rotary blade in the handle that swipes down to cut fabric super straight.  A fellow sewer looked at me like I had scored the golden ticket with this one.  I'm not sure they make them anymore.  

I had a mental list of things I need.  Sewing is expensive, and even with a JoAnn's 40% off coupon it's easy to break the bank. I found everything on my list!!  I also picked up a HUGE cutting mat that isn't pictured. 

Moda fabric, anyone?

Here's the prize!!  I emailed the lady hosting the sale and told her what I was MOST interested in... thread!  I told her I would buy her out.  All of the thread was color coordinated in thread boxes. After months of storage, I knew I'd have a task in getting the "musty" out; but a stash like this is worth the work.  

How does one person come by so much thread?  It's easy to buy material and not know whether or not you have coordinating thread at home.  Living 40 miles from a craft store, you don't want to take the chance of getting all the way home and not having the color you need.  Eventually, this is what you end up with.  (I think I'll start chancing it, though.  Odds are in my favor!)

There's a good bit of hand quilting thread that I'll pass on to the quilt group in our church.  I'll keep my favorite colors of the serger thread and share some with others. 

I didn't buy many housewares, but here are a few of my goodies...  I'm sooo into the turquoise Pyrex! (I actually already have this same piece but the colors are opposite.)  

I also bought 11 pieces of modern-day Pyrex (glass with the plastic lids), and some general cooking supplies.  

So you'd probably like to know how much I paid for all this stuff, right?  I paid pennies on the dollar, for sure, but I do feel like it was fair on both ends.  I'd love to hear your guess... PLEASE leave an amount in the comment section below.  It'll be fun.  If you're not a registered use, leave at least your first name and last initial.  

(No guessing, Michelle!!)

Now I'm off to organize my space...  


  1. I would say $22.50

    Tonja G

  2. Holy mother of Buddha, that's a lot of thread!! I'll guess $30 for the loot.

  3. A lot on the low end... Remember, I said it was a fair price on both ends. :)

  4. Hhmmm, my guess would be $45.
    And you did hit the mother load on thread! I had forgotten that the nearest JoAnn's is a good trek for those of you in the county. We have one within 15 min of my house. Not that I go over much, since my sewing is still random and rare. I much rather enjoy cutting fabric though which is why tee shirts, a rotary cutter and mat are my new obsession! I'll eventually learn this machine though as there are so many awesome things to be made.
    Happy cutting, sewing and creating! And, I am def. sending you my wish list next estate sale...my Mom is not as quick as you! lol!

  5. I would say $75.00. I think that is a ware bowl and pryex is not really cheap if someone knows what they have. Did you get all the thread? It could be more.

  6. At least I will know where to go to get thread in a pinch if I dont want to go to Tallahassee.

  7. Anytime, Janice, on the thread. The bowl is authentic. I thought it could have been, but wasn't sure until I got home. The picture of the thread was on my back porch, so, yes, I got it all... It was actually my most expensive purchase (and worth it, lots of hight quality thread-- Gutterman, etc).

  8. i love the bowl...my mom has a couple. i have always wanted one...good find..:) linda lee morgan

  9. p.s. i LOVE your blog:) do you follow cupcakes & cashmere..love that one too. :) linda lee morgan

  10. Can I guess how much ???? Vicki B