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Monday, August 15, 2011

What a day...

August 15, 2011
Wake up.
Bake 14 dozen cupcakes (not a typo, friends)
Make 3 gallons of icing 
Make 3 Key Lime Pies
Meet Lee in Tally and drop off older kids
Cram some food in my mouth (yup, forgot to eat)
Start dinner
Go to Open House at Henry's school
Finish dinner while making 2 strawberry pies
Eat dinner in a stupor.
Kick back and blog. Ahhhh....  

Yup, I'm exhausted!!!  

By the way, I make gourmet cupcakes.  Lots of time and work, but they are sooooo good!!  I've never had an order as big as the one I'm working on, but so far so good.  I'll core, fill, and decorate them tomorrow and share a few pictures of the end result.  

Here's a few snaps of our busy day...

I used 27 eggs today and it's not even Easter!  
Why is it that when you pile a bunch of the same thing together, it makes for a cool picture?  

While cooking, my kids opened up a massage parlor in the kitchen.  Eventually Queen Helene's Coco Butter wasn't doing the trick so they raided a closet and found some strong scented lotion.  I shut them down for fear my cupcakes would taste like a brothel.  And they all four had to go take a bath in the pool.  That's how we roll in the summer.  Unless it's Sunday... and then they get a real bath.  

Cream cheese?  Butter?  Powdered sugar?  Anyone?  Anyone...?   
I think my brain is so busy because of all the powdered sugar I inhaled today.  I discovered that putting a towel over my mixer was a good idea.  Another good idea:  if you use a lot of cream cheese, it's way cheaper-- around $4 less---  if you buy it in a 3 lb block (and there's measurements on the wrapper for cutting!).  

This is my fridge with a zillion cupcakes in it.  And 2 tubs of icing.  And pie.  A lot of pie.  Thankfully we have a second fridge on the porch where our real food is currently vacationing.  

Liliana decided to help out by cleaning the bar.  This is pretty much why my little kids are  banned from the kitchen while I'm cooking.  Thankfully, the cupcakes were put away long before the licking commenced.  

Henry is excited about going to school.  He was pretty bummed it was just Open House and had to come home.   It's a little hard to tell but he's sporting his new mohawk and a pair of cowboy boots.  Don't see that everyday, now do ya?

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  1. I did not know that you did gourmet cupcakes. You will have to share your prices list with me. I may be in the market for a few. Not 14 dozen but a few.

    I love to see your kiddos.