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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Work Hard for My Money... So Hard for My Money

After being a full-time stay-at-home-mom for over 10 years, it's time I start thinkin' about earnin' my keep around here!  All my kiddos are in school and I actually have a bit of free time on my hands.  It feels... wonderful!  

In the last six months, Lee and I have talked quite a bit about me getting a money-paying job.  Managing the house and four kids is WORK- no doubt!- but the pay pretty much stinks.  After much soul-searching, we've decided that working outside of the home is pretty much not an option for me right now.  I want to be available 24/7 for my kids and my husband.  And, darn-it, I want to enjoy the quiet around here!

A friend of mine and I have decided to start making and selling children's apparel.  We are really excited about the possibility of extra income while doing something we love... at HOME!  More to come later on our little venture...  it's going to be fun, fun!!

I've been hard at work in my studio cranking out things to have for our first show.  I'm now calling the sewing room my Studio.  Why?  Because that's what all the professionals call their sewing rooms.  And it I like the sound of it.  I wish I had a picture of Lee's face when I called it that earlier... he looked at me like I was a certified nut!  But I'm stickin' with it... because I can. 

I'll share a couple things I have ready right now... and available for order...

My Tutu Cute Seminole Skirt!  This skirt is size 4/6 and will probably have a shirt tomorrow (although a white tee would look just fine).  In addition to the sparkly tulle, you'll find topstitching and serged interior seams. 

I am out of this particular hem fabric, but have another garnet fabric that will look just as lovely.  

Pictured above is a the FSU Game Day Set!  This particular is a sz 4/6 with an adjustable waist.  Target brand jeans (new with tags) and new, Faded Glory tee.  I have several other sizes of jeans (all new with tags) available for order. 

Below is a close-up of the ruffle.  It turned out very nice.  Notice the topstitching and double hem stitch.  Nice touches that add to the quality.  

Keep me in mind when it starts cooling off (it will, eventually) around here...  Those last season jeans that are a few inches too short can easily be chopped and ruffled for a small fee-- much cheaper than buying a new pair.  I have plenty of cute-cute fabric that would look wonderful with solid tops.

More to come... 

Happy Day to all...

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  1. You'll have to put your brain to work on something for boys!