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Friday, August 19, 2011

Henry and Other News...

Today was the day for Henry!!  He is super-duper excited about starting school.  And to be fair (which is harder and harder these days) we had to do another First Day photo shoot.  Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?!!  And just in case there's any doubt, Henry does NOT have 2 right feet.   Thank you, Zeb, for taking care of that on the ride to school!

Henry is just so darn happy!  Zeb is ready to leave.  Michal is being maternal. Liliana is a bit miffed that I won't take her picture by herself so she can adequately pose.  

Almost there...  

Henry will love his new teacher.  She taught Liliana last year and is wonderful with the kids.

Lili-girl won't let Henry call this his school without putting up a fuss.  She says it's still her school and it always will be, because she was born first.  


Speaking of Henry...  Yesterday the phone rang and he answered it.  A few minutes later, he ran into my room.  The conversation went like this:

Henry:  Mama, People want to sleep with you.
Me:  Say again?
Henry:  People want to sleep with you.
Me:  People want to sleep withe me?
Henry:  Mm Hm
Me: (light bulb!) Oh, people want to speak to me!
Henry:  Yes! 1 people.  1 people want to sleep with you.  

Needless to say, the 1 people had been hung up on.  A phone manner seminar is in the near future.  


I scored big on a spontaneous trip to Goodwill this morning.  Can't wait to post my buys.

And I have a hot date tonight!  A day to myself and a night with my boyfriend... how lucky can a girl get!  (Lee, you will always give me butterflies and forever be the best boyfriend I've ever had!)

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