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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Around the Table week 3

Lots and lots of yummy food this week!  Kudos to Lee for doing a good bit of the cooking.  We had friends over after church on Sunday and decided to do hamburgers with all the trimmings.  Check out that tray of beautiful fixins!  We also had Baked Beans (pictured below) and Crack Dip (Thankyou, Michelle!).  Crack dip is my drug of choice.  It's fairly easy to eat it until you pass out.

I decided to float sliced onions on top of the beans while cooking and they were excellent!!  They looked like roses and tasted like Heaven.  

This is my plate...  I sliced my burger in two long ways so I could get it all in my mouth.  Mmmm...

Monday:  Kings Pie (aka: Shepherds Pie) and Spinach Salad

Tuesday:  Blackened, Stuffed Redfish, Spinach Salad, and leftover sides.

Zeb caught this Red Fish on Saturday and it fed us twice!  Good job, Zebby!

Wednesday:  Leftover King's Pie

Thursday:  Blackened, Stuffed Fish,  Broccoli,  Spinach Salad

We had unexpected company so this was a fun meal...  They walked in to a lightly smokey kitchen, a lot of noise, and a really good meal.  We had just enough and it was even better than it was early in the week.  

Here's a close-up of the fish after it had been stuffed and broiled. 

Friday:  Date Night!!!!  Fun, but nothing could touch the blackened fish earlier in the week so eating out was just okay.  

Saturday:  Steak, Chicken, Alfredo with Pasta and a Spinach Salad.   This was Henry's first time eating Alfredo and he LOVED it!  I think he wears it well. 

I tried a new cup-cake on Friday and they were sooo good!!  I gave most away, but stuck 6 in my fridge for the weekend.  They were barely cool when the phone rang and someone wanted them... and I was happy to oblige.  This is a gourmet, filled, Snicker-Doodle Cupcake.  It has a zillion calories, but is worth every one of them.  Remember, if you're gonna eat something fattening, make sure it's good!!

My kids are really good eaters.  I take full credit for that.  They eat Spinach Salad most every night.  Do they want to eat their salad?  Half of them don't, but do anyway.  Boy, the benefits of being a Mom!  People do what I say.  At least 4 little ones.  

Hope you are sharing good food, good stories, and good times Around the Table!

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