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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project Complete!

I just love it when I actually finish a project.  Oh, the intrinsic rewards!  And, boy, do I need some of those right now.

Like a hamster in a wheel, I seem to run and run and run and run to find that I'm right where I started.  Does the laundry ever get fiished?  Really?  Am I ever done cooking, cleaning, hugging, kissing, brushing, finding dsi games?  Is it really this hard to keep up with shoes?  If my kids were all one legged, we'd have shoes a'plenty!

Life as a stay-at-home-mom-of-four definitely has its challenges, but they are challenges I embrace!  Challenges I LOVE!  My laundry basket won't be full forever and eventually the bottom of my shoes won't stick to the kitchen floor.  Eventually.

Until that day,  I'll do the best I can.  Today's coping mechanism?  Finish an easy project and smile that "I did that!" smile.  Then blog about it (another coping technique!).

About 10 minutes into this project I decided it would go to a fellow blogger, crafter, and Sopchoppy girl.  And since said Sopchoppy girl takes a mean picture, I'm sure she'll get good use out of it.  Probably won't help her pictures, but she'll look cuter taking them.  And she'll be able to pick her camera out of a crowd.  I mean, c'mon, don't YOU get frustrated when you can't tell which camera is yours?

There are tons of free tutorials  on line on how to make covers for your otherwise insanely boring camera strap.  I smashed several together and this is what I got.  There's a little bit of padding inside to make it more comfortable.  

Every time I do a project (even tiny ones) I learn something.  Today, I realized I need professional help in the "attaching and detaching the camera strap" department.  And though I'm really not that smart, I am smart enough to know I should leave one side attached to make it easier for Lee to put back together.   Not a big fan of this picture, but I had to use a mirror to get the strap and the camera all in the same picture.  (Darn that broken cell phone camera!).

So, Sopchoppy, this is for you!  Hope to get it to you this weekend since you'll be around.


  1. For little ol' me, how sweet!
    #1 I am honored ou thought of me.
    #2 I really hope it's for me ;)
    #3 Come see me at teh Art Market, I'll be there all day!

  2. OK my typos are insane today, poser for power, ou for you, and teh for the...I got issues!

  3. While I think this camera strap cover is the bee's knees, and your as cute as ever. I must confess after viewing this I am left pondering if that's your bathroom and are you aware it might possibly be the cutest bathroom in the world?

  4. Kirsta, Thanks for dropping by! Yes, that is my bath room and it is my favorite room in the house. :) Maybe I'll do a bathroom tour later this week. The kids start school and I'll have time to clean it. Hehe!!! Trust me, you don't want to see it as is!