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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet Sopchoppy...

Saturday, I made a trip to Sopchoppy and boy was it fun!  The Frog and the Hummingbird sponsors an Open Art Market the first Saturday of each month.  Talented artists, live music, and friendly folks abound.  I had a wonderful time and have all intentions of having a booth in the coming months.  Although the Saturday market is currently small, I have all ideas it will grow, prosper, and continue to please.   Here are a few of the day's treasures...  

Michal's new favorite dress.
Needs some alterations, but she loves
it!  It's earthy.
This is a knit hippie bag made by Misty Penley.  She's a native Sopchoppian who now lives in The Swamp.  (No hating on my girl; I think there may be a little garnet and gold somewhere in her veins.) Misty refashions tees and sells her photography.  She has a to-die-for beach scene-- I could totally decorate an entire room around it.

Fellow red-head  Julie Watson crafted this awesome pendant out of a domino!  She had a ton of these pendants and her prices are surprisingly low.  Need a one-of-a-kind, affordable gift?  This is the ticket.

I am in LOVE with Pyrex, and I bought this  at Lisa's Timeless Treasures downtown.  If you have any vintage, crazy colored dishes taking up room in your cabinets, pass them my way (FireKing is also welcome, hint, hint).  Or better yet, use them yourself!!  Make your food happy! 

On a side note, here are a few of my favorite pieces.   

Open only on Saturdays is Lisa's Timeless Treasures.  She sells antiques, vintage dishes, and collectibles.  Her prices are amazing!!   I wanted to share with you a little sneak peak of her store.  And if you're thinking about buying the Homer Lauglin Apple Tree bowls, you better hurry, because I'm thinkin' mighty hard 'bout those!  




If you stop at shop at Lisa's Timeless Treasures, tell her Karolyn sent you.  You probably won't get a discount, but I might!!  (I'm totally kidding, Lisa!! You've got the best prices around!)

Hope everyone's weekend was as awesome as mine!


  1. Love it! It was a fantastic time, wasn't it? I knew I should have hit Lisa's shop but certainly plan to after I have cash in my pocket from my Great DeClutter yard sale!

  2. Thanks Karolyn, I love your blog and I appreciate your plug of my store and you my dear will get a discount every time you grace the door. And I'll keep my eye out for more pyrex! (Misty gets one too for the great pictures she posted on facebook!)

    LOVE Ya!

  3. Oh thanks, Lisa! Aren't you the sweetest! I can't wait for Sept! I love the Art Markets and seeing good friends!

  4. I will definitely be going to see Lisa on Saturday. I seem to have something going every 1st Saturday. I am going to have to just put Sopchoppy on my calendar to schedule some me time.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Love my Julie's pendants!! Almost as beautiful as her!!