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Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Goodwill Surprises You

I go to Goodwill, but I have to say I'm not a big fan.  I prefer resale over retail any day, but there aren't that many options in my neck of the woods... so Goodwill, it is.  My biggest gripe is that they are way too expensive.  Seriously!  Have YOU ever looked at their clothes?  A solid white tee for $4?  A man's button-down for $6?  I expect these prices on retail sale racks, but not at second hand stores.  After all, this stuff given to them.  For FREE.  Pay it forward, pass it on...

Now I've heard that Goodwill does really good things for the community, specifically by employing  those with disabilities.  I frequent our local branch and often visit the 5 or 6 stores in a neighboring city, and have rarely seen evidence of this.  Maybe they donate a large percentage to organizations who help the less fortunate.  Let's hope so, because, seriously, they are bringin' in the smack. 

One area where Goodwill is a bit better is with furniture.  Sometimes.  I bought a wonderful couch for around $40 about 8 months ago.  


It was in really good condition and the colors are amazing.  Orange!!  Who knew?

That was a great deal.  $40 well spent.  

I also picked up this iron table a few years ago for around the same price.  I covered the seats with a white vinyl and I love the cream and white combo.

This chair was a $5 find...

As was this one...

Although I've had the chairs a few years, I just bought this footed bowl a few days ago. Since I love white, Milk Glass is a favorite.  And it's fairly cheap and easy to find.  This large bowl  was $6.  

So, in spite of my griping about Goodwill, I do go there and there is evidence all over my house.  

Well, a friend called me the other day and pretty much said, "Go to Goodwill and buy this couch for your tv room."  She knew I needed one.  

I went and, let me tell you, she wasn't whistlin' Dixie.  

I was floored!  This was a new couch.  A full sleeper sofa.  From Havertys!  The cushions were perfect.  Under the cushions... perfect.  Not a speck of dirt, dust, or hair.  My father has the same, exact couch, minus the sleeper, in his study.  It's a great couch.  Bigger than a love seat, but not huge.  Perfect!

"How much?"  


I had a short conversation with myself- in my brain.  It went something like this:

"$189!!!  That's ridiculous!  This is Goodwill.  They got this for free," cried Cheap-O Karolyn.
"But this is a great couch. It's worth three times that amount," countered Practical Karolyn.
"Errr....Goodwill is too expensive," whined Cheap-O.
"If you don't buy this, someone else will.  It's worth it and your kids are sitting on the floor in the TV room,"  declared Practical.
"You're right.  You win.  Buy it."

"I'll take it!"  

And it was a great buy, for sure.  I found out from my sleuth-like google skills that the couch is on sale right now for $899, but is regularly $999.  So here it is, my surprise of a good find at Goodwill...

I'm pretty sure I know how it ended up at Goodwill.  The sleeper portion of it is missing a few pieces.  I unrolled it to inspect the mattress (just to be safe, you know...  even the thought of a used mattress grosses me out) and found everything pristine.  When I tried to roll it back in, however, I couldn't make it go back.  Lee figured it out and told me it needed a few nuts and bolts and it'd be fine.  The interior joints aren't properly bolted and they slip.  I'm thinking the sleeper was a lemon, the buyers called, requested a new one, and this one was dropped off by the company after the new one was delivered.  

We don't need a sleeper sofa, but we'll fix it, anyway.  It'll be a nice place for the kids to stay when they have spend-the-night company, as they share rooms.   Without the sleeper, it would have probably been less than $100, but that's okay.  I know I got a great couch for a great deal and I'm thankful.  

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  1. I go to Goodwill sometimes but rarely find anything. I am more likely to find it at a garage sale. I also give my give away stuff to Radical Restoration, as I know what they do with their money.