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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Woooo Hooooooo!!!!!

Can I tell you how much I just love Public School?  Until recently, my kids had never been to Public School and let me tell you...  it is the BEST THING EVER!  

I was stressed out as a homeschooling mom.  Between the adoption, travel, teaching, and trying to do everything good mamas are supposed to do,  I was a bonified mess!  I was seriously considering drowning myself.  That was a joke.  I never considered suicide, but I did contemplate picking up a substance abuse addiction.  Just something simple, like cocaine. Or heroin. 

Thankfully, I'm as clean as ever.  And it's all because of Public School.  

So in celebration of the First Day, here's a sneak peak of our morning...

Liliana is now in Kindergarten.  I teared up a bit at Open House, but I was just fine this morning.  Probably too fine.

This is my beautiful Michal.  She's in 4th grade this year, and was a bit nervous.  Like a true girl, her newest worry is what she's going to wear tomorrow.  

This strapping young man is Zeb, and boy does he love it when I take his picture (note the sarcasm).  Zeb is in 5th grade this year and although he works hard to hide it, he's pretty darn excited!

And then there was Henry!!  Roaring-to-go-Henry!  

Henry's school starts tomorrow.  He'll be going all day, three days a week.  Hidden meaning: I'll have 3 days a week to myself.  If you listen closely you'll hear the Hallelujah Chorus!  

What will I do with myself?  Anything I want!!!

How cute is that...  notice Henry leading the way.

I had to have a shot of my beautiful mama with my beautiful babies.  She is so excited to finally have ALL of her grandkids at her school (with 2 more to come in the future).

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE this man?!  

We are all very happy that Michal is in Ms. Brown's class....

...and that Liliana is in Ms. Corrigan's.  

Zeb would have died before taking a picture with his teacher, 
but I'm super happy with his placement, as well.

Lili was a little sheepish this morning...

... and a little confused during the announcements.  Where the heck is that voice coming from?!  

Want to know what a bathroom looks like when 6 people have 45 minutes to get up, showered, fed, and out the door?  Now you know.  If I would have known it would look like this I would have taken a before picture.  We are so setting the alarm tonight!

Order restored!  This is what the bathroom normally looks like.  And yes, Lili-girl is usually in there brushing her hair or putting on make-up.  She is already dressed for school tomorrow (from the waist down... I peeled the top off of her despite cries of resistance).


  1. Yea for back-to-school! We start Monday and I'm so excited. Orientation was today and I am extremely pleased with my kids' teachers. It's going to be a great year! I love Lilliana's shirt - awesome sentiment. And I love the 5th grade "face." I actually offered to pay Sam an hourly rate to cooperate with a photo shoot this weekend. We'll see if that works out...

  2. Let me know how that works out for you, Kristin!! Great idea!!