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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Bridal Brunch

My mom and I hosted a bridal brunch on Friday for my cousin, Sally, who was married this past weekend.  Hosting parties is one of my most favorite things to do, especially fancy-shmancy girlie parties.  This one wasn't so fancy-shmancy, but it was girly; and a lot of fun!

I love how Liliana popped into this picture!

I wanted the party to have the feel of a tearoom so we decided against buffet style.  The original plan was to serve home-style, but only my largest table could accommodate so many dishes.  We ended up plating all the food with the exception of the hash-brown casserole, and each table was given its own dish.  Each table also had its own pitcher of Watermelon Lemonade (made with fresh lemons and melon) and cold coffee.  Both drinks were served over Sonic ice.  Yes, you can buy it by the bag for $1.99!

I really enjoyed making Key Lime Pie filled cupcakes. They were yummy and tasty and rich.  I don't think anyone was able to finish the whole thing.  A loud shout-out to my friend Suzie who is the cupcake queen!!  She set me up with the recipe and tools to make them look as good as they tasted.  We baked a test batch and I was schooled in the art of cup-cake filling.  I didn't even know people did that!!  Suzie helped me plan the menu as well, and her suggestions were spot on.  

I also had help from another friend named Suzanne.  She spent the day with me on Thursday and squeezed more lemons and limes than you want to guess.    She pitched in here and there and saved us hours of work.  (I think it's kind of odd that three of my favorite people are named Suzie, Suzanne, and Susan-- what's up with that?!).  Looking back, I should have snapped a few pictures, but my brain was pretty much mush. 

We ended up with 5 adult tables (1 seating 8, 1 seating 6, and 3 seating 4), and one kids' table seating 5.  We have a large eat in kitchen so we weren't too crowded.   A mix of antique dishes made all the food look especially yummy!  Here are a few pictures...  

Seated here is the Bride's grandmother, aunt, and grandmother-in-law.
The lady sporting the super cute hair cut (back view) is my lovely mother (also an aunt of the bride). 

Sally!  I really hate to even stand beside her!!  She's tall, toned, and tanned.
I'm the polar opposite.

The smallest of the 5 tables.  Cozy, cozy!

Here's a table after the fact.
It was interesting to see what people ate and what they didn't.

This is my pantry and I LOVE it.
The door was closed and the mess was hidden.
Notice how high my garbage is stacked.

Simone, sister of the Groom, and Henry!
He was the only guy in a house full of beautiful ladies.

Some of those beautiful ladies...
The Bride's Maids and flower girls. 

The Bride with her flower girls.  My Liliana is on the left.

One girl whose dream is coming true surrounded by
three little princesses who are just learning to dream.

 It was a crazy-fun-busy weekend!  Congratulations, Sally!!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!   We hope your future is filled with peace, love, and several red-headed children!!   And since red hair is on both sides...  

Groom, Groom's lovely Mom, and my Dad (Bride's uncle and the minister).
This is a "Red Heads Unite" shot!  Where was I??


  1. I enjoyed the food preparation, food tasting and the company! Suzanne

  2. I am so happy to have you as a great friend and cupcake making accomplice. Anytime! I can tell by the pics that the brunch turned out fabulous! Sally is lucky to have a cuz like you. And,... I'm kind of partial to Su names too. We're a good bunch. I think Susan should start blogging just so she can use the catch phrase, "Keeping up with the Joneses". LOL

  3. Karolyn,
    What a wonderful blog!! You are AMAZING!!! it was so nice to meet you and all your beautiful children, We loved the brunch and your home and your whole family!! :) Your father did an excellent ceremony at the wedding!! Thank You for Everything!!!
    I will send you the pictures I took at the brunch also!!

    Brenda Wheeler-Barger
    & Simone

  4. I'll pass that on to Sue-Sue!! That made me cackle!

  5. Brenda-- if you have any of you and SImone at the brunch pass them on and I'll post them!

  6. It looks like a great party and I have just started collecting cupcake recipes. My next party I am definitely going to rock a cupcake display.

    Love your blog.