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Monday, June 20, 2011

Adoption? Me?

My girls and I were shopping one day this week and were recognized by a lady we had never met.  She told me she visited my blog (and recognized us from the pictures) and was encouraged by one of my posts on adoption.  Not only is she a believer, she is also an adoption enthusiast.  I was delighted to learn she and her husband are six months into their first adoption journey.  We shared our stories and chatted for maybe 20 minutes before exchanging numbers and praying together.  Although Liliana wanted very much to sing the "God our Father" song she learned in pre-school (which she can adapt to any prayer need), she reluctantly held hands with us and remained fairly still and quiet.

Together we prayed for the baby that would one day be hers.  We asked God to bless the woman who was carrying her baby with peace and good nutrition.  We prayed that God would bring encouragement and life to the woman who would do what so few women have the courage and self-less-ness to do.  We asked for the perfect child to be added to her family and that the days would fly by until that happened.  We asked this all in Jesus' name, for His glory.

This is one of the reasons why I started this blog.  There are so many people who are contemplating adoption, but just need a little encouragement.  They need to hear someone's story to finally say, "I can do that."  My new friend is excited, and she very well should be!  She's expecting a child.  She's "doing" something about her family and her future, and she's trusting God all the way.  

So maybe you have a heart for adoption, but it's not jiving for your family right now.  Maybe your spouse just isn't there.  Maybe you're bone broke and can't afford the kids you have.  What do you do?  What can you do?

Pushing the issue aside can't be done, although it's very easy to do just that.  We don't like to think about the millions of kids out there who need to be adopted, it's depressing, I know.  So don't.  Don't think about the millions.  Think about the one.  Think about the ONE little boy who needs adopting and pray for him until that happens.  Then thank God for answered prayer and start the process all over with another child.  If you don't know of a child, I do.  His name is Matewos.  Pray for him.  He's a beautiful boy with an infectious smile.  He lives in Africa and wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

Do this because Jesus loves the little children.  All the children of the world.


  1. beautiful take on a beautiful thing Karolyn. Juli read to me from a book she's reading and it said something about adoption not being about philanthropy (the millions) but about a child needing a family and family needing a child (the one). May God continue to bless your family and your faith in sharing your story.

  2. Geez, where do you get all that insight? It's like you've thought about adoption a lot, or something. :)

    Oh, and congrats on "starting the process all over" again!