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Monday, July 16, 2012

Time's a wastin...

I waste a lot of time.
A LOT of time.  

I documented my entrance into the world of Mac in a post you can read by clicking here.

Like many others, I've given a rather large portion of my heart to my iPhone.  I keep it with me at all times and will turn around to fetch it if I forget it at home.  If evolution were real (which I have bet my eternity that it's NOT) I would probably come back as an Otter Box. 

Even though I don't need to spend another millisecond with phone-in-hand,  I've added a few things that have made my mobile experience a bit more irresistible:  Camera +, Diptic, and a Lifeproof case.

Camera + and Diptic are both super-fun, photo editing apps that are compatible with Instagram.  Totally worth the 99cents.  If the owners were smart, they'd give you a free, two week trial, and then charge you $10 a piece for the apps.  I'd totally pay it.  And this is coming from the girl that thinks Goodwill is expensive.

  So here are a few pictures from my camera roll... 

Passin the time while waiting for our food brings out the goober-ness in all of us.   
Henry's FIVE!!  I think I quit buying cone hats and cutesy plates two kids ago.  

Alpha-males unite.  Lee is hangin' out with our big rooster, Goliath.  

Somewhere in the midst of all this picture takin, I found the time to make S'mores on a Stick.  
Those are hand-made marshmallows, my friend.  Be impressed.  

Did I mention my Lifeproof case is water proof?
That's bad out.  

Now instead of rafts and water guns, the kids ask for my phone.  

My deep thinking girls.  Molly wants to be President when she grows up.  Michal wants to be Beautiful and Rich.  

At our house, we don't kill snakes.  We chase them down, dive atop them, wrestle them into submission and then bring them closer to the house for further inspection.  

Then we pass the little critters off to the children.  

By the way, there is no "me" in that "we."  It's all Lee and the kids.  I abhor snakes, as any good Christian should.  (Just joking on that one...  I know plenty of Jesus lovin' people who keep snakes- and I'm not even talking about the Alabama Sand Mountain people).

If you can pull your eyes away from the Satan like creature wrapped around Zeb's wrist, take a look at Liliana in the background...  too cute.  

And if you think there should be a law about taking pictures of half naked kids holding snakes, I'm inclined to agree, but that is a pool in the background. 

And here's a video of Michal and Molly swimming in said pool:

Did I mention that I LOVE my iPhone, and that my Lifeproof case is water proof?


Lest you think I've made an idol out of my mobile device, I also take it to church and use it to make notes during the sermon... copying scriptures from my Bible app and all...  
Here's a picture of my notes from church yesterday...

So if you run into me at the local grocer's and want to know what the Bible says about committing your  life to Jesus and pursuing a lifelong friendship with Him... I can whip out my iPhone and show you.  What would Steve Jobs say about that?  I've got all ideas he'd encourage you to pay close attention.  

(And if you'd like me to email you these scriptures let me know, I'd be more than happy! I've been wanting them on my phone for a while now. I'm hoping to change all of these to NKJ or NIV-- didn't realize I was cutting and pasting out of KJV)   


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  1. I am so right there with you Karolyn, but I have added an ipad to the mix and am forever lost in the Mac obsession. Love the post and the pictures.