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Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Open Sea

One of my favorite places to be is on the water with my family on a calm day.  I'm not a big fan of going far out.  I've been miles and miles and miles off shore on not-so-calm-days, and, well, it weren't pretty.  There is no fish in the world worth that, my friend.  

But our local, untouched coastline... it's nothing short of overwhelming.  

A few weekends ago, we loaded the kids in the boat to pick up a few scallops.  It turned out to be a fairly productive outing, even though we didn't get the first scallop; we never even made it to the picking-up-scallops-place.  Instead of masks and snorkels, we strapped on our good Samaritan hats to save a drifter.  Seriously.  We were halfway to Scallop Central when we found a guy drifting along holding up his sunken, water-filled jet ski.  He had floated along for nearly 3 hours before we found him.  Crazy thing is we didn't leave the marina until 4:30 or so, much later than normal people decide to go scalloping.  Anyway, we helped this tired, sunburnt, dehydrated guy into the boat, gave him a towel and a bottle of water and took him and his sunken jet ski  back to shore.  We were on the water for over 3 hours and only picked up a human.  No scallops for us.

A few days ago, we gave Round 2 a shot and headed out. Although we kept our eyes open, we didn't see anyone needing anything more than a just a small dose of common sense. It was a perfect day to not have to save someone.   

I was hoping we'd see dolphins and we did!!  One even jumped and twirled in the air for us!  Too bad I didn't have my camera at the ready for the acrobatics.  

I love the view of the marina from the water.  Such a fun little place.

While Lee was getting the boat loaded and pulled out of the water, the kids and I played along the water's edge.  We take some much for granted...

The hard part of scalloping begins when you get home...


That little bit of scallops only set us back $84.  I'll never complain about sea-food prices again.  

I'll just complain about gas prices.  Boats use a lot of gas.  

And just in case you don't believe we're quite backwoods enough, I'll leave you with a little bit of proof...

That's my boy.

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  1. Love the water too! But James gets sea sick, so we just go places we can sit and look at the water. Or fish off a dock Great pics!