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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Short End of the Stick...

Boys in general get the short end of the stick.  Girls have way more fun.  

I'm talking kids, here, not adults.  But it pretty much applies to adults, too.  At least if you're me.  

Girls get to play dress up, put on make-up, and paint their toe nails and finger nails.  Girls get to hang shiny things form their ears and push baby strollers around the house.  Girls get kitchens from Pottery Barn and miniature versions of real-life metal shopping carts in which to ride stuff all over the house.  Girls get play vacuums that make real noise and pick up real dirt.  

Girls get all the fun.  

Here, little boy, go bounce this ball.  

When my sister-in-law was pregnant with her second,  her oldest son prayed hard for a "skirt baby."  Honestly, I think he saw all the cool girl toys we had around our house and he wanted some of those toys for himself.  Girl toys are fun.  

The cycle rarely ends.  Little boys grow up and work hard so the little girls they love can continue to have all the fun.  
Tisk, tisk.  

I am a Stay at Home Mom, and in efforts to not offend other SAHMs, we are extremely busy.  There are a mountain of things to do... EVERY DAY!  If you add doing a bit here and there for your husband's business, the load is heavier, but... a busy day of laundry, book-keeping, cleaning, and cooking in my pajamas beats time at the office in slacks and heels any day!  So being a woman isn't all fun and games, but it can be more comfortable.  

I've been trying to kick it up a notch with my boys, and I started in my sewing room.   I've been making things for the men in my life.  It's much easier (and "funner") to sew for little girls, but I'm determined to sew for my men.  I've sewn Lee a quilt you can see by clicking here, and I've sewn Zeb a rug cover and bedspread you can see by clicking here.  

The last few days I've been sewing shorts for Hank the Tank.  He's five and still thinks it's extremely cool that I can make him things.  I've made both of the boys boxers several times and I love to see them run around the house in their under shorts.  Sewing wear-in-public boy shorts is a bit... what's the word?... hoaky, maybe? But I gave it a go and was pleased with the results...  

These are made from a really flimsy fabric that may be a seersucker/rayon blend (if there is such a thing).  I have NO clue how well it will wash up, but...  The fabric was just sitting there in my closet, so no biggie if it's a bust.  

I did add a green tag and gave the hem a few extra details to keep it interesting.  

Henry is talking to command central via his camo watch.  Maybe boys get to have a little fun...

I made these out of a sheet so they feel a little more like swim trunks, but to school, they will go! I wish I had done the pockets bigger and higher, but I don't dislike them enough to fix them.  With a long tee it looks just fine.  

This last pair is my favorite!!  The orange piping down the side is genius!  Also lots of orange topstitching  on these.  I've never sewn with piping, but I LOVE it!!!!  I want to pipe everything from here to Tinbucktoo!!

I had a great time sewing for my little guy!!  Now I'm thinking I may be wrong about girls getting all the fun...  I've been noticing quite a bit of laughter, chasing and foul smells (with girly "ewwwwws" following) coming from my guys.  


I made Henry one pair of shorts that was way too small, but they fit Liliana just fine.  I added a ruffle to the bottom, appliqued a shirt, and told her it was a Bethany Hamilton outfit.  We're big Soul Surfer fans, 'round here.  A few months back, Liliana asked if she could cut off her arm; after much thought I told her no.  

She needs that arm.  How else would she put on spider man googles to read a Christmas book in the middle of July?  Lili-shmili.  


On a side note, I'm NOT a fan of the "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" attitude.  Boys are amazing!!  Boys- even at young ages- deserve respect from girls.  My girls don't- and won't- wear t shirts or have things that insult boys.  How can we expect rude little girls to grow into respectful ladies?  Let's train our girls to honor men even at a young age.  And let's train our boys to treat girls as precious gifts.  

Sew on!

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  1. Love it! Well said, great Mom! And I absolutely love the shorts of Henry's from the sheet. Now I must pull up the denim rug post to show Levi who is asking to see it (I've already seen/read it).