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Friday, June 29, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day is a big deal around here.  And Lee is catching on that Mother's Day is a big one, too.  A birthday can never compare to either of the "parent" days, right? 

Wow...  you didn't die this year... ohhhh-kayyyy... let's buy you a present for that accomplishment.  And a cake. 

In a world of dead-beat dads, I managed to snag, marry, and create a family with a WONDERFUL man.  He is an excellent dad.  Honestly.   There are some things about him that are lacking, but the commitment and love he has for our kids is top-notch.  That, my friend, is worth celebrating!  That's worth TEN cakes and a slew of presents. 

I surprised Lee with this quilt, which he was clue-less about; his main gift was custom built and he helped design it.  Because he's seen me in action, Lee totally appreciates the time and money it takes to make a quilt.  Trust me, it's cheaper, quicker, and  easier to go to Pottery Barn and buy a quilt- even if that means a road trip.  

(The fabric is Echo by Lotta Jansdotter with some Kona solids and Amy Butler mixed in. I did a pretty tight free motion and it crinkled up perfectly.)

Wondering about the big gift?

Several years ago, I bought Lee a boat for Father's Day.  If the phrase best wife evah just popped into your brain, I'm not surprised.  You can see his boat and some of the amazing fish he's killed by clicking here.  

So Lee is bringing home all these yummy fishies and has no where to clean them, so...

I surprised him with the idea of building a fish cleaning station!  We worked together to decide where to put it and how big it needed to be.  It's not finished yet, but here it is... tucked quietly behind the bath house:

Add some lights and paint and he'll be right ready to descale some dinner.  

 Hoping to post completed pictures in the Fall when it cools down enough to paint.  

Happy Father's Day, Lee!!!  I adore you and thank God for you.  So happy, I am, that my kids get to grow up just like me...  with a wonderful, present, full-time dad!  


And in case you feel sorry for my kids...

I'm not against birthdays... 17 kids came over last week and partied down for Henry's 5th birthday.  I was super excited that I didn't have to dive in and rescue a drowning kid like I've done the last three years in a row.  At one of those parties, I sailed right over the daydreaming $15/hr life-guard.

Here's the Hank the Tank after blowing out the candles...

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