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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Wise Pinner Once Pinned...

A wise pinner once pinned:

My brother, who does not pin, post, or blog told me that blogging was a form of self praise.  "You write about all these really good things  in your life-- the best of your life-- and you leave out all the ugly.  You make yourself look really good- like you have the perfect life, but you don't."  He wasn't berating or attacking me at all.  It was a genuine, true observation.  

So here's a run down of all the "ugly" going on right now.  The truth.  

And lest it seem I'm feeling sorry for myself, please refer to the above quote; I have done so many times today.  

~I'm about 15 pounds over weight.  Why?  Because I don't like to exercise and I do like to eat.  And my husband's getting fat and I'd hate for him to feel all alone up there at the top of the scales.  

~I have a very sick goat right now.  And of all the things I've pictured hauling in my minivan, Ms. Brown was NOT one of them...

That was a $220 ride to the vet.  She's still sick.

The first two uglies were just warm ups.  Now on to the meat of my woes... 

~Last week I bought a $45 part to repair the flap on the freezer door where the ice comes out.  I replaced that cyllinoid myself and I was proud.  I have no clue how to spell cyllinoid and neither does my spell check.  Oh well.  Three weeks ago, I paid $200 to have the relay switch replaced on the same fridge because it was on fire (literally) and the smell was just too much to handle.  And I didn't want the house to burn down.   Friday, a new problem popped up and I called the repair guy again.  He came and did NOT advise repairing.  Thankfully, it is my second refrigerator.  

~Tomorrow, a different repair man will come and repair my main refrigerator, which is all fridge- no freezer.  It's still under warranty (thus a different guy) so it'll only cost $350.  Can probably find that under the cushions of the couch.  

~I've had my stove worked on 3 times this month and think the problem is finally solved.  Yay.  For a good while I could turn it on and nothing! The kids could have crawled in and played their iPods without breaking a sweat.    

~Our under the counter ice maker has been broken for over 3 years.  We had it worked on 4 times.  U Line is the Satan of under the counter ice makers.  Now that our spare fridge is stone cold dead (or stone room temperature dead) we will not be offering our guests iced tea at present.  

~A year ago, one of our a/c units downstairs burnt up.  Like on-fire-it's-amazing-the-house-didn't-burn-down burnt up.  Yep.  We have to have a whole new handler in the attic.  Thank God for mild winters and space heaters.  

~Our Polaris pool vac gave up the ghost a few weeks back.  Have you priced those lately? 

~Our stand up freezer was sickly and I got some free advice from Uncle Repair Man.  He comes around so often that he really does feel like family.  So I'm repairing that now.  This is the second condenser I've uncovered this week.  

Michal says I should start a repair business.  If only it were that easy. Hopefully, I'll have it up and running by bedtime.  

~My dishwasher works, because I replaced it about six months ago.  Whew!  


Obviously, I have major trouble with appliances.  Ever met one of those people who just can't grow plants?  Same thing.  Except their plants are my appliances.  

I was thinking the other day that if my appliances were employees, I'd fire them.  If they were husbands, I'd divorce them.  If they were children I would spend every dime I had to send them away to boarding school.  Case closed.


In the midst of all the self-loathing today, I could list a thousand things to be thankful for.  One of which is holding the tears at bay until the repair man was out of sight.  My kids are healthy, my husband is mostly amazing, my parents are a delight to our little family... the list goes on.  So I look at the quote and keep saying over and over in my head...

I have a good life.
I have a good life.
I have a good life.
I have a good life.
I have a good life.  

It's just been a crap of a day.  


  1. I needed to hear that since my day has been fairly crappy. Actually my week hasn't been much better. SC

  2. There are days when that quote is also my mantra - A bad day does not equal a bad life and your life is pretty amazing. Be blessed and I hope the days to come get better.

  3. Karolyn,
    Keep sharing the Good News of your life that makes us all laugh.
    I like your Self Proclaimed Happy. The world sure needs some more Happy :))

  4. Sounds like our house, seems everything is dying.... One of burners only works if other one is on, dishwasher is broke, seems no one can fix it but thats not too bad because have a beautiful view to look at when washing dishes. Desk top has a virus thank god for laptops and iPad! Oven keeps over heating and it a special model, modeled like the 40's so have to get a specialist out here, fridge broke, but we took one outta mother and law house while ours is getting repaired. Washing machine keeps flooding... Claw foot tub is leaking, and the thing that annoys me the most is my fan keeps ticking UGH!!!! But it's all luxury items in life, we can live without it for awhile.