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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dirty Words: Walmart & McDonalds

Although I have 1,000 things to do, I blog.  
Yes, blogging is quite therapeutic.  
And it's free.
And free is good.
And I know starting a sentence with "and" is a no-no.  I would tell you that I taught high school English for three grueling years, but I don't want you proof reading everything I write.  That would soooo screw up my therapy. And I'm no grammarian.  I don't even like grammarians (I do like you, Suzanne, but you're the only one).

Today I took the kids to the dentist.  Did I mention that there are FOUR of them?

Four sets of pearly whites.  Or butter-yellows.  Depends on the day and the kid.


I have to admit that the dentist is a big deterrent to us having more kids.  If only my teeth were part of my body!  We have great health insurance, but...

Today's visit was a mere $449.00.  Not a bad price for 30 child-less minutes with a stack of magazines.  I'm thinking if they'd provide multiple copies of People and Us Weekly it would totally draw in more patients.  They could even increase the rates.  I'd pay more, especially if they kept the kids back there longer.  Since when did dental care become so fast?  I should email them my suggestions.  

I must have some deep-seeded need for occasional misery because we went to Walmart after leaving the dentist.  And then we went to McDonalds.   Don't judge me- on either count.

We don't go to McDonalds very often.  In fact, I don't think the four kids and I have ever dined in (and yes, I use the term "dine" very loosely).  For the last few years, I've blamed it on money, but I realized today that it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RECESSION.  We don't dine in because it is torturous in every way.  Complete agony.  

I'm thinking about writing a book about the experience and calling it 
28 Minutes in Hell McDonalds.  
Feel free to pre order.

I would elaborate on the hellaciousness of today, but then you may not buy the book.  And I need the money for the next set of dentist appointments, at which time I will buy my own copy of People before arriving.   

My therapy session must come to an end...  The kitchen counters are covered with kill-the-earth-plastic bags, and the groceries don't walk themselves to the pantry.  My chores (laundry, cooking, Pinterest) are never ending...

Oh, by the way... NO CAVITIES!!! Makes me smile for sure...


  1. Cute Blog but you gotta lose the plastic bags! As my bumper sticker says,"Vermont...we were Green before Green was cool."

  2. Betsy! I know, I HATE those blasted bags! One reason I don't prefer Walmart. I used to take my own bags, but stopped. I need to do better. Love the bumper sticker!!

  3. I try to take my own reusable bags, but I often forget them in the trunk of my car. Now Karolyn, I have resisted the urge to correct any spelling or grammatical errors. I try to only do it by request.:-)

    1. I have a bag full of reusable bags in my cargo area, but I too always forget to take them in. But I do recycle the plastic ones at publix.