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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pick ME!! Pick ME!!

It is with great pride and honor that I introduce to you Vice President Michal Lewis!  Although President Obama would be lucky to have such an amazing girl as his back-up, Michal is content to let Joe Biden do his thing while she learns the ropes at our local elementary school.  Oh, Student Council!  What fun!

Vice President Michal-- who would marry a microphone if she could--  LOVES the stage.  She is happy to recite, quote, sing or mimic anything she knows.  She tries to act shy about showing off, but it's easy to tell it's a cover up.  She loves any and all forms of attention.  I honestly think she ran for VP because she knew she'd get to make a speech to the whole school...  While other kids were nervous, soon to be Vice President Michal was pining away to get on that stage.  Who'd she get that from, hmmmm?  

Thankfully, I have no shame and showed up at the school with my Flip in time to can the big event!  So sit back and see perfection on the platform... (may take a second to pop up)

After giving this well-written, beautifully rehearsed and faultlessly performed speech, are YOU surprised she won?  It was in the bag when she paired her boots with the one-sleeved dress.

We are proud and will celebrate with ice cream!!

Kuddos to my niece, Molly, for winning Sergeant of Arms.  Way to go, Molly!  If only Zeb were to have run for President...  We could have formed a coup!


  1. Love it! Congrats, Michal!

  2. Yeah! I finally can get a bumper sticker...I am sorta alum, right? I was never terrific but I have a feeling with Michal in office things will start looking up! Way to go! And hooray for Molly as well!

  3. She is so like her momma. Congratulations Michal!

  4. YAY for Michal! I'm very proud of you girlfriend and I just LOVED the speech!! You have got it going on! You are so much like your wonderful mother and your dad has a little bit of that in him so how could you NOT have it in you! When I grow up I want to be just like YOU!! Love, Tonja