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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fallin' in Love

If I had to list my favorite seasons in order Fall would come in at number 4 (a.k.a. last).  I know, I know...   Try not to hate on me, but I'm just not a big fan of Fall.  I'm just not.  I'm not really a big fan of Winter, either, but...  

Honestly, I think it's the colors.  I love to decorate, but my house has more of a beachy, Spring/Early Summer feel.  The Fall colors just don't look right with what I have goin' on.  I can make due at Christmas and work it all together, but it takes a LOT of effort (and you HAVE to decorate at Christmas...).  

Anyway, I found this tutorial on how to make pumpkins and I sent it to the lady who leads the sewing group I'm in.  It looked like something the common Fall-loving person would like, and maybe something good for the class.  She replied to my email with  "That looks fun!  Make one and bring it to the class.  You can teach."  

Oh, boy...  I don't really like Fall enough to make anything Fallish.  What to do? (tisk-tisk) What to do?  

After a bit of thought, I decided to adjust fall to who we are here at the Lewis abode.  Yup!  We're not into cornucopias, scarecrows, and amber waves of grain.  We're just not.  Give us some conk shells and jute.  We're good with that.  

I spent a few hours sewing and crafting these super cool, beach friendly pumpkins!  And if I do say so...  I really like them.  They fit!  I threw them on a silver platter with some black beans and rice and- WHALAH!  I have a great centerpiece.  

If you'd like to make your own pumpkins, you can find the tutorial HERE.  The Cottage Home is a great blog to add to your reader if you like to sew and craft.  

I was super glad I took some time to get in the Fall spirit!  So in honor of my little pumpkins, I'm going to list 5 things I LOVE about Fall:

1.  I love the slightly-cooloer-temperatures of North Florida.
2.  I love that I can carry my tweed bag and wear my harness boots without my feet getting sweaty.
3.  I love that...  hmm....  (think...) I'm that much closer to Spring?

Okay, I can only legitimately think of 2 things, but that's okay...  Fallin' in love doesn't always happen over night.  


  1. I have Fallin' in love with your pumpkins. You know if you tell Ms. Diane that you have a great craft idea, that she is going to make you teach it. What were you thinkin?

  2. I agree with Janice...what were you thinkin' sweetness?? I love the pumpkins! I'm not much of a Fall person either and am not really into the colors but I did plant mums and do a wreath for my gate and that's about all I will do! I would like to do the pumpkins to give away to the people that DO like fall! Thanks for the tutorial! Love you much!! Tonja