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Saturday, September 3, 2011

annndddd... ACTION!

For the girls' birthday I decided to re-do their room.  It can stink having to share a room with a sibling, so I wanted them to really like their living space.  Since their room isn't really a bedroom, but rather an  upstairs  living room, I had a lot of space to work with.  

For weeks the girls had been lining the kitchen chairs and bar stools up in my kitchen and making a run-way to sing and dance on.  They would even move the fan behind them so that their hair would blow while on stage.  It was so cute, and so creative!  I knew a stage in their room would be so much fun!  I told Lee my idea and we got to work.  

Lee built two separate boxes that we painted black and lined with lights.  I then made curtains out of black satin fabric.  (On a side note, satin is only one letter away from Satan for a reason!!  That stuff is heck to work with!!)  Our lights already need attention as some have blown and come unattached, but they looked really nice in the beginning. We painted the room a nice dramatic grey and added four sets of vintage theatre chairs!!  The chairs totally make the space believable.  

Eventually, we'll mount a flat screen on the back wall of the stage and the kids can have a home theater.  Add in a popcorn machine, and it will feel like the movies... old fashioned way.  

Michal loves to sing and dance on her stage.  No plays as of yet, but we have plenty of time...

On the far side of the room is the traditional bedroom area.  A few years back, we bought Michal the Pottery Barn play house bed.  It was too cute and too fun, for sure!  We realized it may serve us better by flipping it around and sticking a full size bed in the gap.  

Michal chose purple for the walls and we used her original bedding.  I actually bought her another set, but took it back.  I really like the mixing of patterns and colors.  Her quilt is Shabby Chic from Target.  I adore the drapes; they are Target as well.

The walls are in serious need of something.  The only thing I've hung is a canvas painting of a lady with two little girls.  It was painted by a friend's ultra-talented, semi-famous grandmother.  Although I met her only on one occasion, this painting is very special to me.  A friend trusted and loved me enough to share something very dear.    

If you look closely behind the coat rack, you'll see the change in paint colors.  I'm planning to mount a split column on the wall as a divider.  I'll paint it white and it will visually separate the bed room from the theater.

Fun, fun, fun!!  Love us some vintage hats and scarfs!

Kentucky Deby, anyone?
M and L's favorite dress up clothes.

Henry the acrobatic butterfly...  We have got to get some boy costumes!!

This was a super fun project that I will hopefully finish soon.  I spent hours on line trying to find ideas and inspiration, but found nothing!  You would think that in this wide-wide world there would be another little girl out there with a stage in her bedroom.  If there is, her mama has yet to blog about it!  

Still lots to do, but I wanted to share our progress.

That's a wrap!


  1. I love the stage. I can't wait to hear about the first full production.

  2. It looks soooo good. You are fabulous!

  3. You have got to be the most creative and wonderful woman I know! What a cool idea! Can I come over for popcorn and a movie? In fact, I'll babysit and you and Lee can go out!!