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Friday, September 2, 2011

One Man's Trash...

Although I started feeling a little puny yesterday, I decided to push through and go ahead with the junk-run my friend and I had been planning all week... and boy! I am glad I did!!!

We whizzed through quite a few rummage and second hand stores; a few I had never been in before.  

Oh, you want to see my goodies?  No problem...  

Here we have a 1964 Singer.  It's compact and packs a lot of bang for the buck.  
I swear it must weigh 20lbs and it's clean as a whistle! It didn't come with a manual or box, but it works and I love the color. Great find for any lover of sewing!

I don't know what I'll do with the turquoise vase, but something about it called my name.  It's not marked, but it's fairly old.  The Milk Glass will probably go in my bathroom.

I spotted this awesome, metal box (no key) and whipped it up!!  My shopping companion (who was my friend before this little treasure threw a wrench in the relationship) nearly cried.   Thankfully, she's a good sport (and still a good friend!!).

Probably my FAVORITE find of the day is this vintage suitcase.  It's tweed and I LOVE it!!!  I tried and tried to get Fred (who doesn't have the best customer service skills) to come off his price, but he wouldn't  budge!  Why would I expect him to budge?  

1.  It was on sale yesterday for 1/2 off.  
2.  It was locked and no one knew the combination.  

We tried the standard 3 digit combos and nothing worked.  Everything in me wanted this little case, and against my better judgement, I bought it... inside unseen.  

As we loaded our other finds in the trunk, I sheepishly asked my friend to let it ride shot-gun with her so she could try her hand at the combo. She started with 001 and 5 miles and 106 numbers later, that baby popped open.  We cheered!  

Not knowing what we'd find inside, we decided to just leave it closed until we could pull over and get out of the car.  There are some crazy people out there and who knows what we'd find in there.  What we found...

A really clean suitcase.  I'm so glad I bought it!!  It will proudly accompany me on a women's retreat I have in a couple of weekends!  Whoo Hoo for my new, fun treasure!

It's by no means a perfect match to my other super cool bags (bought new, Vera Bradley), but it works for me!  The larger Vera is not quite big enough for overnight, but now...  now I'm set!

So what did I pay for all this stuff?  I did pretty well, I think...

A few pennies under $50.  Yup, that's about $30 more than what I wanted to spend today, but I'm happy with my treasures.  If only Fred would have given me a break...  Darn that Fred!


  1. If you decide you need to get back to your budget, I can take that cute little blue sewing machine off your hands. Just kidding!

    Great finds!

  2. Love the "matching" luggage set! Looks awesome

  3. i love it all...but i really LOVE the suitcase! old suitcases are so cool:) did you see my finds on my facebook page? for jewels room:)

    xo, linda lee

  4. I have that exact same milk glass piece!

  5. I like the tackle box! Since I love fishing, it has to be one of my favorites!