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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Trip to the Mailbox

Last week, I wrote about the absolute joy of receiving a letter in the mail.   I realized that I could step it up a notch in the "sending mail" department. 

As I tend to be obsessive and extreme, this week I mailed six -- count 'em SIX-- cards.  Unfortunately, they all had dogs on the front.  They were cute dogs, but dogs, nonetheless.  Upon opening my secret stationary drawer, I realized the drawer was no secret to my four year old; who enjoys stringing random letters together and drawing people who resemble potatoes.  Thus, dog cards.  

Henry and I each had a welcome home present waiting for us when we returned from Ethiopia, so our first two cards this week were "thank you" cards.  Both gifts truly warmed my heart.  There's nothing like being loved!

Two more were also thank you cards, and another was a "you did a great job!" note.  

The last card was from Liliana to another little boy her age.  He'll like the dogs on the front, no doubt. Liliana signed her name and decorated it with tiny animal stickers.  She was careful that every animal had a friend and I wondered if she was learning about Noah's Ark in school.  As any good friend would, we included a few un-stuck stickers for little T to stick at leisure. 

Liliana and the letters.  (Yes, we have a very long driveway.  Veeeerrrryyy long.  If you'd like to pave it for us, it would make me smile.)  

Liliana picking up said letters after she dropped them.

Liliana putting the letters in the mailbox.

Yes, this trip turned out to be all about Liliana.  The only thing she'd let Henry do was hold her hand.  And that made all her selfishness melt away in my eyes.  I love it when she loves him.

As far as what was IN the mailbox this week: a few bills, some junk mail,  a newsletter, and this...

...a card from a bosom friend in North Carolina.  If you've read Anne of Green Gables, you totally get the bosom friend, thing.  Anyway,  this card made me smile for about 30  minutes straight, even while doing the dishes!  


  1. Where's the like button for this!

  2. I just read this, this morning. I can't wait to show Thomas the pictures of Liliana and Henry mailing his letter. He loved Liliana's letter and the stickers were perfect. He was very impressed with how each animal had a "wife" and the dog on the front made everything complete.