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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Yes, Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman...

Email is great.  Facebook is a good friend.  Texting is soooo worth the money.  All three are remarkable.  Absolutely remarkable.  They make life easier... sort of.

I like getting messages, I really do; but I LOVE getting snail mail.  Love it! Love it!  Love it!  Wanna make me happy?  Send me something in the mail.  I'll even front you the 44¢.

Yes, messaging is convenient, but it's not the same as a handwritten note.  It's fast, easy, instant, and pretty much free (which probably makes it the best invention ever), but it's not involved.   You want to talk involvement? Go to the store, buy some stationary, sit down, write a letter, mess up, rewrite the letter, re-read it, add a post-script, fold it, stuff it into an envelope, write an address, lick the sealant, stick the stamp, go to your mailbox, and send it off.  Now that, my friend, is involvement.  And anyone who does all that just for me is someone very special in my book.

So why the fuss?  Well, today, for the second time this week, I got mail!  Real, involved, mail.  Not talking bills or coupons here.  Twice in one week-- and it's not even my birthday.  Realistically speaking, the rest of the week is bound to be a postal disappointment.

Taking a gander at the "man in the mirror," I'll admit that I could be better about dropping notes to others the old fashioned way.  I think I'll set aside 10-15 minutes a week to send a note to someone who makes me smile or someone who's made a difference in my life or maybe just someone who's having a rough time.  Think of the difference that could make in the lives of others.  Anyone up for the challenge?

Feel free to check back weekly to see if I'm living this out.

P.S.  If you'd like to send me a lil' somethin' somethin' in the mail, message me and I'll give you my address (wink*wink).


  1. Oh, yes! I absolutely love snail mail, too! I am sure you already know that though! Hey, I should sit down, pull out some beautiful stationary and really let you know how I love snail mail. ;)

  2. Back in the day, I used to write tons of letters to my friends in far away places, sometimes weekly. It has been years since I've done that, other than sending Christmas cards. Life gets so hectic and letters take more time when there's not much free time.

  3. This is why I loved college. The Gray's would send me care packages. Ashley Rollins would write me letters that took weeks upon weeks to recieve but everyday I anxiously waiting at my postbox to get out that one letter which had crossed many states to get to me. So very special!

  4. I think perhaps you've hit on the one common denominator amongst all people....the univeral language of happiness....getting a letter! Granted, it probably helps if it's written in your OWN language, but whatever. Details, details.

  5. Karolyn, I love getting mail but not nearly as much as my 4 year old, Thomas. When I come in from the mailbox, he reviews each name looking for "t-h-o-m-a-s". I'll have to "facebook message" you our address. Send us yours and your little ones will soon have a very eager and excited pen pal.