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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Ethiopian Adventure... Part 2

Thanks for coming back for more of My Ethiopian Adventure.  If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.  These pictures are in no particular order and many were taken while speeding down dusty roads.   We had an amazing trip in January of 2011 and then again in March.  

Two little boys walking to school.  There was nothing around for miles, but they were headed somewhere with purpose.   On our 4 hour drive into the country, there was never a time when people weren't present.  Sometimes they were barely visible, working in the fields, but if you looked hard enough, someone was always near.  

The local Jo-Ann's.  I seriously can't believe I didn't buy any fabric.  Guess I'll have to go back. 

This is the local lumber store.  If Gulf Coast Lumber decides to take advantage of the Ethiopian market, Lee and I will definitely request a transfer.  Well, we'll definitely think about requesting a transfer.   

We went to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with a group of friends.  The six of us shared this plate of food.  And we ate with our hands.  The platter is similar to a pizza pan covered with injera, a spongy type of thin fermented bread.  The injera "sops" all the flavors and is used to pick up the food.  Injera is also rolled up on the platter.  I'm not sure what the difference is between the dark and the light, but it's all good.

Believe it or not, Ethiopian cuisine is extremely tasty!  No complaints from our table.  

If I had to have an all-time favorite blurry picture, this might just be it.  I like the little goat in the background, who seems to have wandered away.  He looks a bit downhearted if you ask me.  

These girls are carrying water jugs.  Many people have to walk for hours to get clean water, and most, like these girls, settle for it dirty.  

Lake Hawassa: home to many large birds.  How large, you may ask...

Pretty darn large.  Although I tried to get Lee to inch a wee bit closer, this is as far as he'd venture. 

A beautiful young girl returning home from getting water.  She's in the background of a previous picture.  The water came from the bird-filled banks of Lake Hawassa.

Boats like this one were docked on the bank to take tourists out to see the hippos.  Lake Hawassa is home to over 20 families of hippos.  Each family has five to eight members.  For $40 we spent an hour on a huge lake surrounded by mountains.  Mountains and hippos.  

We were much happier to see them than they were to see us.  The bull above is trying to scare us away. 

This young man had no worries about the hippos.  

I love this shot... people just enjoying the day.  It was Wednesday.

Another shot of Lake Hawassa.  

When we traveled to Southern Ethiopia, we stayed here.  We were humbled to find they renamed the hotel in our honor.  We did't let on that they forgot the "s."   

Order a glass of juice and this is what you get (no alcohol, cross my heart).  It tasted SOOO amazing that I had two in one day.  Felt really good going down.  Not so great coming up.  I threw up ALL night long.  I was seriously afraid I was going to have to go to a hospital.  I had seen a hospital on a corner a few days earlier, and it was no Tallahassee Memorial, trust me.   Death to dehydration may have been preferable.  

Wild monkey...  how cool is that?

Wild monkey jumping in the car when I'm in the car... not so cool.   Words of wisdom:  when around wild monkeys, always keep the windows in the UP position.  

A mama and her baby...   Although they reminded me of cats, I believe monkeys are a lot like rabbits.  There were baby monkeys EVERYWHERE!

Me sneaking up to get a picture of the mama and her baby.

I'll have to figure out what this monument was all about.  Lee actually took this picture and said it was HUGE.

These little blue taxis were everywhere down south.  Yes, I did ride in one, and I smiled the entire time.  

Another lil' taxi.  

We were able to go behind the scenes at the Ethiopian Timkat celebration.  Ethiopians from all over come to Addis Ababa to celebrate Epiphany.  It is a most holy day and everything is closed down.  Only Orthodox Christians participate. 

Decked out priests. 

My mom, Lee and me at Timkat.  The badges we're wearing are VIP, back stage passes to the celebration.  

I hope you've enjoyed taking another peek inside Ethiopia.  More to come for all who are interested... 


  1. I can't believe you went to the Ethiopian JoAnne's and did not buy any fabric. I think that is just plain wrong. The least you could have done was buy your notary a yard of African Fabric. Keep that in mind for the next time. Just kidding! lol

  2. I am so jealous that you rode in those taxis. I wanted to but couldn't seem to get any support for such a plan from, well, anyone. Not that riding in the van on Ethiopian roads isn't adventurous enough but still....

  3. Awesome photos! Can't wait to take and post my own!