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Saturday, February 25, 2012

This little piggy went to the market...

The Purple Mohawk and Pink Flower belong to me...
Dang, I love those kids!

The kiddos introduced Bella and Victoria to the world today at our county's annual Swine Show. What fun!  Each year I'm blown away by how many people turn out to watch a bunch of crazy kids try to handle their crazy pigs.  Our kids did great, all things considering.  

"All things considering" boils down to the fact that our pigs were completely uncontrollable.  Need proof?  
More than once, I came home to un-caged pigs.  Whether they were trotting down the drive, chasing the goats, hanging out under the car port, or just taking a mud bath, our pigs enjoyed their frequent excursions.  

Here piggy, piggy...

I'd love to give you the chance to corral and cage 600 pounds of hog while your husband is hours away from home.  It's not as easy as you'd think.  

And I should have videod the it-takes-3-men-and-2-boys-to-get-them-loaded-into-the-trailer experience.  PETA would have had collective heart failure. 

Michal's pig weighed in at 315 pounds and Zeb's was a mere 265.  As my jeans will attest, we believe in eating around here; and our animals are included in that we.  

On our way to the arena we prayed.  We prayed that the kids and their pigs would do their very best and that they would win (there's good money in pig-showing, I tell ya!).  

Then it was time to get honest-- to get real.  The convo went somethin' like this:

"You know guys, you could win.  God could bless you and you could win.  But we have to remember that God blesses hard work.  And since you didn't exactly work hard with your pigs, it'll be a miracle if you win.  Next year, we need to work hard and then pray that God will bless us at the show."

It was said in utter love and honesty...  today was about learning. I don't want my kids to wake up one day to realize we've cheated them by petting and protecting their feelings.  Life is hard.  Life is work.  Life doesn't care how cute you are.  

Winning is wonderful and my children are winners!  But... I think loosing is an integral part of growing up.  Losing is a great teacher, a wonderful preparer.  

Michal walked out the door with 3rd place in Showmanship for her age (there were 10 or so kids in her division; she was the only girl that placed!) and 2nd place in the Class division.  I'm not an expert in all things swine, but Showmanship judges the kids, Class judges the pig itself.  Michal's pig was in the heavy weight class.  

Zeb placed 3rd in Showmanship and 6th in his Class.  He was also the winner in his division of the (drumroll please...) Greasy Pig Chase.  Yup, he chased a greasy pig and put it in a bag.  Kids will do ANYTHING for $15.  And that's what he won...  $15.  Why in the world I didn't take a picture, I do not know!  I guess I left my blogging brain at home.  

Next year, Liliana will be old enough to show and she is thrilled!  She luh-luh-luh-luh-LOVES the pigs!  

Nothing about that pig scared her.  NOTHING!

Henry enjoyed Pig Day as well.  In fact, he's becoming quite the little country boy.  He can drop his pants and water a tree with the best of 'em...

As much as I'd LOVE to have an IKEA or a Home Goods just minutes from my house, I have to say that I  am attached to our little life here in the country. I love the clean air, the open fields, and the swamp lands.  I love that I have chickens and pigs and goats.  I love that my son can pee on a tree in the middle of the biggest event of the year and nobody bats an eye.  If that ain't country...


  1. Life is good. We all have a lot to be thankful for. It's the simple things in life that bring us the most happiness. I love my family.

  2. I love the pics of Liliana on top of that huge pig. She is so flat out about life. I love reading your blog.

  3. I check your blog every other day or so to see if you have posted anything new and each time I read it, it always puts a smile on my face and makes me grow hungry for Wakulla!