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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine...

I love Valentine's Day.  I really do.  I know it has its critics.  I can hear them now...  

I'd rather you get me something for no reason- not because you have to get me something.

If someone has to tell you to buy me a gift, it doesn't count. 

You think roses are gonna make up for all those years you've left the toilet seat up? 

Uh, huh...  there's an ulterior motive behind that box of chocolates...

But the way I look at it, if my husband buys me a gift, AND I DON'T CARE THE REASON, I'll take it with a smile on my face.  I like presents and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  

So this year, my strong man set me up with this...

The pendant on the right says (when translated) born in my heart, and it has Zeb and Michal's initials on the back.  The Hope pendant has Henry's initials on the back.  I adore them both!

I'm a huge fan of earthy, chunky jewelry- especially when it supports a good cause!  And these do.

For my fellow lovers of adoption...  this link will take you to the etsy store from which my man ordered.

Later, I'll add a 3rd charm to show my love for Liliana, who is special in every way.


Later, he sent me a text that read:

I love that man! He is my dream come true!!  My sweet, sweet dream come true.
(Sure glad I didn't marry a nightmare...)

And I know you're wondering what's blurred out...  ;)


  1. Yep... he is a keeper! :-) Love the jewelry.

    I love Valentine's Day too, and I never even celebrate it. Tonight though the boys got to pick out their favorite dishes for dinner. They just kept screaming apuneken pie and bwoccoli.... Yesterday Aki was very concerned that I hadn't started the bwoccoli yet. Today he wanted us to invite people over for dinner. I told him some people have plans today for dinner. ha ha

  2. Happy Valentine's day! I got you a... blog comment!