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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As of late...

Looks like I won't be getting goats for Christmas after all...  Michal beat me to it!

Meet Ms. Brown (left) and Parker (right).

And Olive, our 3 week, old baby girl.

These are "fainting goats."  When they get scared or spooked, they faint.  And it's funny.  (Don't believe me?  Google it.)

Since they're new to the family, we've made every effort to make them feel safe and secure.  We were doing pretty well, until Michal "fainted" Parker on accident.  She tried to feel bad about it, but it was too darn funny.  I think that's the only faint so far, but I'm probably blissfully unaware.  

If little Olive survives, it'll be a miracle...

Liliana won't let her go!


My cousin and his wife are having a baby boy and I made him these adorable onesies.  You can find the tutorial (complete with templet) HERE!  I just LOVE these, I tell ya! 


In celebration of mediocrity, one of Liliana's art pieces is on display at her school.  I am extremely proud, if I do say so myself.  So is she...

Since this might possibly be the only piece of her art that is ever on display outside of our home, I had to take a few pictures and share it with the world.  Ahhh...

I'm not quite sure what it is, but it looks like a picture of Henry hang gliding. Or sitting on a bus.


And Zeb got a hair cut...

Yep, it's an extreme mohawk created by yours-truly.

He's 10 and it makes him happy.  Why do I allow such a monstrosity on my son's head?  


Henry's doing really well.  Everyone is always curious about his language.  It's amazing how fast he's picked up English.  I'm a little sad that he no longer remembers Sidama or Amharic, but this is typical.   He's growing and laughing and playing and learning just like any other kid.  This month will be 9 months that he's been home.  My heart just swells with pride when I look at him.  He's ours and we're his!  I love how this kid became such an integral part of "us."


I've just finished decorating the house for Christmas, and my next post will be a Holiday Home Tour!!  I can't wait to share with you what I've done around here.

And with Christmas in mind...  here's a super cute video the kids made last year for their homeschool project.  It starts kinda slow, but when Mary goes into labor, things pick up...

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  1. Very cute. Loved the birth of Jesus.....

    On another note, it seems like yesterday that you were picking out Henry's name! :-)