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Monday, November 21, 2011

Checkin' it twice...

Dear Lee  Santa,  

A wonderful Thanksgiving has passed and it's time to bring on the holiday cheer!  And since it's officially Christmas (absolutely NO Christmas until after Thanksgiving, people!), let the shopping begin! 

Here is my list... safely placed where it can't be lost, stolen, or colored on.  I sure hope it helps.


Slap on a big red bow and call it a day!  Or don't, and just keep reading.  A girl can dream, right?


A set of African Pygmy Goats? What a great idea!! And since we're a farm family now, stocked with pigs and chickens, they'll feel right at home. 

I wish I had a user-friendly link from which to order this cutie (and a friend), but I do not. (sigh...)


And peafowl...  Every girl needs a couple of these beautiful birds.  I hear they're loud and obnoxious, so they'll fit in just fine 'round here.  Sorry, no handy link for the birds, either. 

Alright, moving along to presents that can be boxed, wrapped, and stowed safely under the ol' tree...  


I need this carry case for my sewing machine.  Then, I can take it with me wherever I wander and wherever I roam.  I'm thinking the best place to order it from is here.  I'm vascilating between the pink, lime, and black.  Err. Decisions, decisions... 


Or... you could treat me to a travel machine.  Then I could leave my Pfaff on its pedestal at home.  I do love my Pfaff, though; so it's iffy if I'd even like this machine or not.  Aww, shux, just buy the machine and the case, then I'll have the best of both worlds.  Anywho... this handy-dandy machine can be purchased here! Or you can go to Sears and buy it.


This book would make me smile.  Ahhh.... ideas to fuel my new obsession.  It can be ordered here!


And another book...  check it our here!

Just thought I'd help ya out, Santa Baby.  After all, Christmas, Anniversary and muhburrrday are all just around the corner...   And since these gifts range anywhere from... say... ten dollars to... forty thousand, I'm sure you'll have no problems choosing the perfect one for each occasion!

With much love,



  1. Pick the car Lee! Pick the car!


  2. I vote for the goats, peacocks and sewing machine case.

    Great post Karolyn.