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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Last week my dad asked me to come up with a list of modern conveniences.  You know, things that- in theory- make our lives easier and, well, happier.  Much has changed in the last few decades that are worth smiling about.  So just in case you need a reminder of how good we have it, I'll share with you the list I sent him...  

We live in homes that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

We drive cars with radios, televisions, satellites and built in navigation systems.

Gone are the days of washing our clothes by hand or hanging  them out to dry.

Rubber dish washing gloves have been replaced by automatic dishwashers, and ice trays are dinosaurs. 

Movies, music, and books can be downloaded in seconds from the World Wide Web; and we can talk to people halfway around the world face to face thanks to web-cams.

Candle-making, canning, sewing, hunting, and gardening are no longer chores.  They are hobbies. 

Chicken comes from Winn-Dixie- not the back yard; and when was the last time you heated your bathwater over an open flame? 

Hot water heaters, refrigerators, ovens, computers, lawnmowers, remote controls, and cars are integral parts of the American family. Most microwaves have a “popcorn” button on the control panel. 

We have storage containers, storage sheds, and storage units; and we won’t even talk about the number of shoes the average woman owns. 

The handheld computers we call cell phones have replaced dictionaries, encyclopedias, phonebooks, newspapers, cameras and calculators. 

We can put tracking devices in our cars, our pets, and our kids so we can find them if they are lost. 

Our water comes from pipes and bottles- not an open well or a nearby stream- and unlike much of the world, we don’t have to worry if we’ll die when we drink it.

Our hands are less callused and our bodies less weary than ever before in history.  

So, someone, please tell me why we’re not happy!

I hope this list encourages you to smile.  And to not kill yourself.  'Cause every 15 minutes, someone in America does.  

Life is good!
Live it well.


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