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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chicken make me wanna go "bawk, bawk."

I actually ate a Zaxby's one time because of that commercial.  Yup, the "bawk, bawk" commercial just reeled me in.  I liked the ad much better than the food.  Any-who...

Perched atop our chicken coop is this completely awesome, albeit rusted, rooster.  His name is Fred. 

A few years back, Lee had this chicken coop built for me in a shaded area near our house.  I designed it myself and it turned out almost like I had envisioned.  I'm hoping in the next few weeks that we'll tear the "run" down and rebuild it in an L-shape so we can enjoy our beautiful chicks.  

After sitting dormant for a few months (darn those pesky raccoons!) we have finally "re-chickenized" our coop.  Oh, the kids were soooo excited to hand pick their new chickens. We're starting small, but that's ok.  They each picked one.

 Zeb with Jessi; Henry with Super Diego;  Michal with Eleanor; and Liliana with Barbie. Henry's is the only rooster.

Everyone just loves the chickens, with the exception of our dog, Boney.  Or maybe he likes them a little too much (as in "For me??  Awww, you shouldn't have. Let's eat!").  Boney is a pit bull we rescued from starvation close to a year ago.  A few months back, I tried to give him away via facebook, and I didn't get the first response.  Not even a single "Like."  Whaaaa?  Who knew there were so many people out there who just don't want a bull dog?  

Probably the most excited about our chickens is Liliana.  She is just in Heaven with her sweet little chicken.  Thankfully, Barbie is nice and P.E.T.A. doesn't have a representative nearby.  

"How can that precious little girl ruffle anyone's feathers?"you ask.

"Mom, Barbie likes to stick her neck up like this...


Hold on, I just have to pull on it a little bit. 

Isn't she cute, mom?  She's so cute.  Like a little baby...

She likes me to hold her like a baby, Wock a bye baby, in the twee tops...

This little chicken just loves me, Mom.  Really, mom, it does.

Look, mom, she likes to stand on the house.  

Take a picture of her butt, mom.  Ha...  A chicken butt!"


We're hoping to increase our flock a little at a time and add in some guineas and goats.  You never know, we may one day land on the front cover of the local news as Farm Family of the Year!

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  1. When we moved to town a random chicken showed up at our house, and roosed under Megs window every night, so we fed it and named it Fred! We couldnt run from the country!